Backing up for all Playstation Consoles
since forever!!!

How to use this repository.

Install this repository and apply the changes automatically.

LOG INTO YOUR SERVER AS THE ROOT USER, sudo su is okay as well.
  1. Type this in your console to add this repository:

  2. zppy repo add

  3. Then type this in your console to update the zppy cache:

  4. zppy update

  5. Then install the module you require and wait for the process to finish:

  6. zppy install billing


    zppy install downloads


    zppy install mywebsql

  7. After the module is installed, navigate to Sentora's Module Admin and enable it:

  8. When there as an update available you need to do this:

  9. zppy update

  10. And then:

  11. zppy upgrade module_name

Install this repository manually.

Open Sentora and navigate to Module Admin. Scroll to the bottom and you will see a box to install a zppy file.

  1. Then browse to your selected file and install it:

  2. Wait for the process to finish and activate it by scrolling back and clicking on enable module and save:

  3. For manual download of my modules see here.

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